Ogilvy South Africa

The 12th Chair

Constitution Hill

The Brief

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of our Constitution, the brief was to come up with a marketing campaign to launch the 12th chair - a 'People's Chair' - at the Constitutional Court. The Constitutional Court, the guardian of our Constitution, was originally created with 11 chairs for its 11 judges who uphold, promote, and defend the Constitution.

The Solution

Human rights form the foundation on which the Constitution was created. Which makes the people the guardians of South Africa's Constitution, just like the eleven judges at the ConCourt. The purpose of the 12th chair is for a seat of power at the highest court in the land, which an ordinary citizen occupies. Reminding all South Africans to continue to uphold the values and principles that are enshrined in the Constitution.

Currently, all South Africans are being asked to submit designs for the 12th chair — a chair for one more custodian of the Constitution, the People. This is a unique and significant way for all citizens to be a part of history, that will restore a sense of pride in the Constitution.